How To Make A Great Thanksgiving Dinner?

How To Make A Great Thanksgiving Dinner

A truly great Thanksgiving dinner blends the best of tradition with new modern touches.

Spice up this Thanksgiving holiday with fresh table decorating and menu ideas that your family is sure to love.

Also, find ways to make the holiday fun for the whole family by get kids involved in the table preparation and cooking.

How your table is decorated sets the tone for you entire holiday dinner.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere using fun touches.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling: ·

1. Use a bouquet of fresh fruit shaped as autumn flowers as your centerpiece ·

Orange and brown candles can create an added touch of elegance ·

Pumpkins, gourds or dried corn make great place holders ·

2. Fold table napkins into holiday shapes like a turkey

Your holiday menu should be as fresh and interesting as your decor.

3. Consider adding a new flare to your traditional dishes this Thanksgiving.

Here are some creative meal ideas to get you on your way: ·

Deep fried turkey is not only delicious but cooks in a fraction of the time ·

A. Add roasted garlic and chives to mashed potato dishes ·

B. Steam corn in olive oil, coarse salt and cracked pepper

C. Add tex-mex, grated cheddar cheese and finely diced jalapenos to traditional biscuits

4. Get kids involved this Thanksgiving holiday.

From food preparation to table setting kids can be a great help.

Most kids are excited about the holiday and eager to participate.

Here are a few ways to include them: ·

A. Let them decorate the table using decorations you have selected ·

B. Have them add the place holders where they like.

It might be fun to seat family members in unexpected spots ·

C. Give them simple cooking tasks as you speed through the menu.

Like beating eggs or mashing potatoes.

Also, get kids involved by giving back.

Create a new tradition where the entire family volunteers at local community dinners.

Did you know that organizations like The Mississauga Food Bank source, manage and distribute food to 111 food programs?

Donating time, money or food to a local food bank can be a valuable experience for the whole family.

The key to having a great Thanksgiving dinner is not just in great decorating and a creative menu but how you spend the time together.

Make that time special not only for your family but those families fighting hunger in your community as well.

Create flavorful meal ideas, fun decorations and find ways to get your family involved.