1 X Cool Pencil Case – Color Love Pencil Case


The Color Love Pencil Pouch collection is featured in 3 bright colors with gold and slate-colored trim.

Inside, it is compartments galore!


1 X Cool Pencil Case – Color Love Pencil CaseAnyone with a love of color will become lovers of organization once they meet a pencil case like this.

The interior flap includes a mesh pocket to secure paper clips and bookmark clips.

Below is a noter compartment, which is perfect to hide ID cards and secret notes.

In the center, you’ll find a 5-slot pencil holder.

The main compartment can hold up to 40 pens, and includes a flip up compartment to hold your favorite erasers or personal stapler!

Product is approximately 8 inches (200 mm) in length, 4 inches (100 mm) in width, and 2 inches (40 mm) in depth.

Unit is sold as single Pencil Case. Pens and pencils (pictured) are not included.