Valentine's Day Gifts Komene Pasties - Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers HeartNo more worrying about showing more than you should!

Wear your clothes with confidence knowing that Komene Pasties have got you covered!

Komene adhesive pasties can be worn up to 60 times, so you will get more wear for your money.

Waterproof and sweat proof, so they can even be worn at the gym, or in the pool!

Komene is a popular brand originated from France, mainly sells women’s shoes, dresses, jackets, handbags and other products.

Aimed at the interpretation of the timeless classic brand, komene has become one of the most authentic fashion creative force in Women’s field with imaginative design theory.

Komene designers wisely combined the fashion elements and emotional care into the products design details,which has launched a dazzling fashion style.

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